Christmas holidays

I am so happy that its nearly the Christmas holidays and that its Christmas and I get to get some new stuff. We’ve got a hole heap of presents under the Christmas tree.   I gave Smokey a present.

Christmas tree

On Saturday my family put up the Christmas tree. I put all of the Christmas balls up and it was really fun . I went to Spotlight and we got lots of stuff. When we came back home, at the Christmas tree I saw presents.  There were two for me!

bike riding

I did bike riding to Moorroopna but it was too fast!  I went to the Higgins Bakery and I got a plain pie with tomato sauce and  my drink was orange zing.  I had a monkey face when I came home because I was way too hot.

my family’s party

I went to my uncle’s and my cousin’s party. I got dinner and then I played with the drinkng fountain and then I got chocolate cake with cream.  It was so yum because I love chocolate and cream!  I got chocolate cheeesecake and it was yum too.  I went home really late at night time.


On Sunday I liked it because I got to clean up my room because it was raining outside. It looks a lot better than what it was before.  Now I have room to put more stuff in it.

hamilton island/queensland

When i went to Hamilton island there were buggies driving around my hotel was called reef view hotel there was shops there wasnt aloud to have maccas and that Hamilton island had shops like bobs bakery popies fish and chipsi played at the pool at our hotel it had noodles for me to use.

Maeve’s house

At Maeve’s house I went in her bedroom.  It was dark. I went outside on the trampoline.  I was bouncing then I went on the swing and it went forwards and backwards. It was fun!  At the end I was in the cubby house but Makayla was wrecking it.


On Saturday afternoon I had fish and chips, it was nice.  We got them from the Knight Street  shop.  On Saturday night I had pizza  at the Pizza Hut.

Monster Jam/ Ammi Park

When I went to Ammi Park there were a lot of people.  I went to Ammi Park to watch Monster Jam.  My favourite truck there was Monster Mutt Dalmation.  The other trucks that were there were Grave Digger; Pirates Curse; Zombie; Max-D & El Tora Loca.


For Roald Dahl Day I brought m&m cookies and they were yum. My favourite food was teddy cars, chilli chips & mint kit kats. We watched  the BFG  and I’ve watched the BFG before.sl376921